When you apply the Galaxy S10 clear view cover to Galaxy S10, S10e, S10+, and S10 5G, you should fix the top part first. Read important information including time, date, and battery level on the cover. Because the kickstand was removed, the cover is lighter and thinner compared to that for S9. The kickstand in S-View serials covers for S8, S9, Note 8 and Note 9 was removed in S10. This Galaxy S10 accessories guide explains the changes, special features, pros and cons of the Galaxy S10 clear view cover.

If you’re not going to use the fingerprint scanner (it doesn’t work well most of the time), try changing the lockscreen to something better. Samsung’s TouchWiz lockscreen is really cluttered. Plus it plays an annoying “natural” sound effect when you unlock your phone. If you want to go down this road, click on the link below to learn more about the process of rooting your device.

Samsung Internet

This is where all the apps installed in your phone are displayed. Although this looks like the easiest way, it only removes the main app from your Samsung device. All your cache, temp and other leftover files will still be there. There’s also another way to uninstall apps, and the process is explained in detail below. The updated user interface makes some substantial changes.

after you tap the app folder, the icon size should be normal. The thumbnails of the app icons inside a folder shown in the home screen is also small in Marshmallow. So, you can only change app icon size in home screen.

How To Change Icon Size In Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, And S10e

It adds an optional 64-bit architecture (e.g. Cortex-A32 is a 32-bit ARMv8-A CPU while most ARMv8-A CPUs support 64-bit), named “AArch64″, and the associated new “A64″ instruction set. AArch64 provides user-space compatibility with ARMv7-A, the 32-bit architecture, therein referred to as “AArch32″ and Download Samsung Members APK for Android the old 32-bit instruction set, now named “A32″. The Thumb instruction set is referred to as “T32″ and has no 64-bit counterpart. ARMv8-A allows 32-bit applications to be executed in a 64-bit OS, and a 32-bit OS to be under the control of a 64-bit hypervisor.

  • In most cases, the only option is to go into the display settings and manually set the refresh rate to 120Hz.
  • If your phone won’t allow for added storage, like an SD card, then you will have to remove data to get anything else on it.
  • Twitter makes it relatively simple to turn off its location tracking within the Android app.
  • After all, it would be better to use an app reviewed by others than one that you don’t know anything about.